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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy New Year

Once again a month has passed since I last wrote and so as a late christmas present and a celebration of the new year,here are some pictures for you. One is of my favourite ume, the other is one of my favourite stones which has just had a new daiza made for it by Suzuki Koji.

As per usual at this time of year I am back in Japan,this time with incredible sinus problems and the feeling that I am not as young as I used to be. It is always a busy time of year as we have an exhibition on here, a celebration of the new year for all our customers. Everybody comes along and says hello so we are constantly entertaining and trying to find new trees and pots for people who have new plans for their new years bonus!

Kokufu is around the corner so I have been working on a few of the trees for that, thankfully we are not putting too many in and they are in a good condition anyway so there is not too much to do there. The location is changing this year and the number of exhibits is slightly down, so we have decided to not try any trees that are on the borderline of being accepted. Tomorrow Kinbon is coming to do a photoshoot on a tree that Valentin will be working on, he is the german apprentice who is featured in this months issue of Bonsai Focus. He is leaving in a few months after three years here. Due to immigration problems he was unable to complete the five years that is commonly required but he is a good lad and has come on very well. I look forward to working with him in Europe in the future. As I am the senior apprentice I will now have someone to carry my bags!

Anyway, enough...please enjoy the pictures. I should try to make a gallery page...but.... Happy New year and I hope all your Bonsai wake up in the spring!

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