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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Do you like my pebble

This last week has seen pretty terrible weather, we are still firmly in the rainy season, however we have pretty much finished the azaleas on time and are moving on to the candle cutting on Black and Red Pines. It is also a time for Suiseki...traditionally a summer pursuit for those in the Bonsai world.

Life is still not getting any easier, I had to shout at the youths yesterday for being pillocks. They started working on trees without letting me know and one of those I had been working on for the last three years. It is most annoying to have someone else work on it and ut two years of work to waste. Still...what can you do?

Tomorrow we have a group coming over and so the Chief asked me to put on a few displays...the first time in a while he has done it. It was as much fun as alwaysmatching up scrolls and tables etc. They will undoubtedly change tomorrow morning when the Chief takes a look but here they are...

The first display is a Kurama stone, displayed on a half bamboo table. The scroll, written by the wife of a good customer reads "Kan UN" which translates as Floating clouds, rolling by slowly in the sky.

The second display is a tree of unknown origin, but it has fruits on which are yet to ripen. It is displayed on a very rough looking irregular Ji-ita . The scroll shows a willow branch hanging down wth a cicada clinging on. It is a little too early for their godawful constant crying but I love the scroll and it fits in the tea room perfectly.

Apologies but I am falling asleep...I have a few more pics but they will have to wait...along with more text on them. For now, it's bed time

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