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Saturday, 19 October 2013

He even gets on TV here...

A very random televisual appearance for The Chief last night, with a headline appearance on BBC Comedy Show "Have I Got News For You". Rather bizarrely they featured Bonsai Focus as their guest publication and so I was expecting plenty of bad puns and offensive jokes but it was a bit of a damp squib to be fair. Maybe they edited it to death and it was all unsuitable. Only one headline appeared...

With a truly horrifying image created by the otherwise excellent Paul Merton, claiming the missing blanks read "lying on top of Mrs. Kobayashi". I shudder to imagine...

Sadly the correct answer was

Which is something I must have translated at some point but cannot remember what.

As if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth...

Anyway, truly random. Would be interesting to hear why they chose that magazine...I will have to get a video of it and show The Chief some day.



  1. It is on BBC Iplayer at moment you might be able to download it from there

  2. As far as I know, Kobayashi, beats his apprentices like Japanese drums...and is proficient in kicking and punching them too. You have to be a hero to survive apprenticeship alive there,

  3. I don't know who told you that but I think they are talking nonsense. I would appreciate it if that sort of thing was not spread around.