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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

An end of year silence...

I will stop apologising for the lack of blog posts, but it has been asked if I am still alive. I can confirm that I am, although sometimes getting out of bed is diffiicult. Since coming back from japan I have been busy sorting out the garden for winter, a trip down to the back of beyond in Cornwall to fix some trees that Reg Kimura styled :) and also been busy finishing off photoshoots and writing the text for the upcoming book I have been asked to write. Things are coming together now and text is being written...

Here are the project pages. Obviously it will be published in book format rather than A4 stuck to a wall format. Writing the text for the back section on care is taking ages...especially as I want the information to be more detailed than "water daily". Bonsai as you should know by now, is more complicated than that.

Here are some tools...wonder if i can get a sponsorship deal from Dremel?

Was going to cut this branch off but Chairman John said no. (For those without a sense of humor, this is a joke)

To be perfectly honest, the thought of trying to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest UK bonsai professionals is a little daunting. A massive proportion of current UK bonsai enthusiasts would have started or been inspired by Harry Tomlinsons book and there are parts of it that are still entirely relevant today. The wiring diagrams for example are still a go to guide for reference.

It is due to published May time next year so I will have to get on with writing it...

Well, Now the calendar's just one page and, of course, I am excited...no picture of our christmas tree this year, so instead the new (old) mascot of Saruyama is here to send my best wishes and hopes for the new year to you all. Happy Holidays and see you at Noelanders.



  1. Just between you and me and the fence post, I'd have cut it.

  2. No, it would ruin what is a very good tree. John Armitage (whose tree it is) is a very good shohin artist...he knows what he is doing. They were just discussing the shadows on that section...

  3. I'd probably leave the branch, but cut off the tree. Thanks for a fine blog, monkey man! Tim

  4. Very pleasant surprise to find your new blog post - I check most days.
    Looking forward to the book.
    Have yourself a relaxing xmas Peter.

    Chris R

    1. I would stop checking, like most things with bonsai, it's a sign of OCD :)
      Merry Christmas or as they say in Japan, MeriKuri!

    2. Agreed...slouching towards anal, even.


    3. Also...mele kalikimaka!

  5. Bonsai's the only area of my life I'm OCD about - the rest is just one chaotic shambles! ;)

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