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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bonsai World Live...

This weekend sees me doing something unusual...selling trees! Of course I have bought a few including this lovely 20 year old pine...bargain stuff.

Rock and Roll. Seed grown and bark beginning to develop. Get this one styled up and it will be lovely. The show has been a good success, I'm sure pictures of the trees in the show are available somewhere, but this is my view

A sea of trees. I have a couple of tables, loosely filled with what I could squeeze into my little van. Mainly a lot of stuff that has been sat around for ages, and a lot of antique chinese and various Japanese pots which have gathered interest, but people have baulked a little at the prices...however once people have seen and felt them in their hands, seen the genuine patina and the clay quality, then in time I hope people will start to want to use them more. I'm charging no more than retail prices in Japan, but still not sold any.

Mmm...soft as a baby's bottom.

The juniper on top, planted on a rock was the demonstration tree by the Shohin King Mr. Armitage. It too has gathered a lot of interest, and rightfully so.

Nice work John. Wonder who will take it home. John probably.

These two were also his demo trees. Good thing about shohin is you can churn them out. If they sell, I may kidnap him and build a sweatshop in my garden.

Here is an unusual tree, a shohin Koto-hime maple. Never really seen any before, especially one with as good a nebari as this.

Two tables was plenty. Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing. I go for the "like it or go elsewhere" approach. Sadly most people take the second option.

£5 a pot for the ones at the front...can't give them away. Couple of shohin on top I have had for a while, the azalea I recently got from Ken. Great potential, cheap price but still no takers...oh well, will have to stay with me.

Am waiting to see the results of John's second demo, he used a Sabina I supplied, lovely little tree

Will post the results soon....

And here they are...

I don't think I got the best front/angle because it looked much better in real life. The problem of a 3D art in 2D *

Tomorrow I take Suthin out on the town for some London based touristy stuff. Maybe a trip to the natural history museum?

*convenient excuse for poor cameramanship.


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  1. Hi Peter, great to see you again mate. I loved your pots, just a shame that the green "Drum" was a bit on the small size. Price wise I think that they were fair based on some "new" prices that you seen banded around.

    Hope to see you again soon, Simon