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Monday, 17 March 2014

Back to the day job...

After all the bluff and bluster of the sale, it has been back to the day job of working on trees. Yesterday and today saw a lot of repotting and also some creative stuff from both Akiyama and Suthin who were also doing their stuff. Suthinf is renowned for his creative skills and impressive bonsai growing and he made a number of rock plantings, one after the other. All very good. I failed to take pictures of them all but here are a couple he did today.

Akiyama got bitten by the bug and after wiring out and tidying up a clump white pine, he put it on a rock...

Some nice sunlight just casting shadows on the surface. Not satisified with that he went one step further with a clump juniper...

I spent a third of the day working on this tree which was a truly international collaboration and proof that bonsai is not just the work of one person. A styled Japanese tree, imported into America, restyled and wired by an Italian (Marco Invernizzi), then potted in to a Czech container (Erik Krizovensky) by an Englishman who was more than assisted by a Japanese and a Thai/American. Can it get any more international than that?

Not exactly the best picture, but it works.

Suthin leaves tomorrow which is a shame as we have been sharing secrets as well as a few laughs. Maybe tomorrow I will take a few more pictures.


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