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Monday, 24 March 2014

The unloved...

I have just finished another great weekend of workshops up at Willowbog. I'm sure Mr. Snart will oblige with lots of pictures. Despite purchasing a new camera and smart phone, I still didnt take many pics, although I did take some of a new addition to the Saruyama stable.

I am a regular visitor to Willowbog and have come across a number of very good pieces of material up there. One big japanese larch in particular took my eye and I suggested to a number of clients that they should purchase it because with just a few hours work, it could be transformed into something with a good future. A tree with great ramification, mochi-komi a plenty and has been established in a pot for a long time. I thought it relatively cheap and after considering it at the BSA show, I acquired the tree in a very convoluted deal. As it is too big for me, it will reside up in the wilderness where it seems to be happy.

This is the tree before...

And after three hours of work in the morning before the traditional lovely fried breakfast. All that was done was pull the apex up, branch removal, pull some branches around and around five wires on the entire tree. It is just budding out so it is possible the most inappropriate time to work on it.

Belt and braces...

Rotted stump, just cleaned out at the moment, yet to be worked.

The bark just begiing to tear on the apex bend. Scar tissue will help it to stay in place.

I have also picked up a superb beech tree that will give a great tree in a couple of years. Both trees were kicking around unloved and unwanted for far too long. Will get the tree finished up in the autumn and maybe a new pt in the new year.

Anyway, an erly start tomorrow..


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