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Sunday 15 January 2012

Belated Happy New Year

It has been almost a month since the last post and I have finally pulled myself out of the funk I have been in...and I don't mean the George Clinton type. I have been questioning the sanity of my current "lifestyle choices" of late and have come to some conclusions...one of them involved getting rid of a tumble dryer that cost more to repair than it is actually worth, another is to move. After two years of procrastination I am moving to a place where I can live with my trees and create a working space.

My new years resolution is to travel less and not rush around simply for the sake of it. Having just paid my tax bill, I have been closely over the accounts. I seem to work to keep Shell, Ryanair and several major airlines in business. As a wise man said to me last week..."you can make more profit by doing nothing and saving more".

I have spent the last week working on some very exciting material, although many people wouldn't think it. A field full of 10/15 year old deshojo maples which have been dug up and ready to be a bonsai. They have been growing fairly naturally except that the roots have been undercut every other year and so nebari has been created on the vast majority. There will be a few of them on the market soon through various bonsai outlets, keep your eyes peeled for raw deciduous material. I will have a few to work on and I am looking forward to the next 15 years. ...because thats how long it will take.

This coming week is to be very exciting and now I have shaken the monkey from my back and jumped back on the horse, I will try to keep updated. Next weekend is the Noelanders show, the biggest pan-european show in...all of europe. Myself and Willowbog Bonsai, with the help of John Armitage will be taking over a number of displays for clients, friends, fellow professionals in what I can only describe as trying to recreate Kokufu style display in Europe. What do I mean by that? A level of professionalism, attention to the finest details and an effort to make it enjoyable for the enthusiast so that all the stressful work is taken out. I am incredibly happy with the response we have had from people willing to support us when they are going anyway, it is an extra expense which could be avoided but there are people who share my sometimes blurry vision. For that I am grateful.

Noelanders will be great, first time for me as I am always in Japan at this time of year. It will be Kokufu judging shortly and to be honest, I am glad to be away from it, it was a difficult new years conversation with the Chief, me with a slight hangover and him drunk..."When are you coming?...oh. Can't you come next week? Oh. Alright then...". I will be there immediately after Noelanders and moving house but that isn't soon enough apparently. The show will be earlier this year and with the colder weather in Japan, hopefully the Ume flowers will be perfectly timed.

Speaking of colder weather, thank god this cold snap came just now...a week later and most trees would have started to wake up...which could have been a disaster.

Anyway...a new year, some new resolutions and a new plan for the month. Lets start as we mean to go on...