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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A diamond in the rough?

I'm sure that most of you will have seen the recent exploits up at Willowbog, but in case you didn't...Mr. Snart has put some relatively complimentary pictures of me up on his blog here...

Thanks for the lovely weekend, but thank you even more for yet another tree that I walked away with.  I always seem to come away with trees...funny that.  This one was a tree I had my eye on for sometime but had been really stopping myself from pulling the trigger on getting it, because I was hoping that someone else would see the potential in this wonderful potentilla...

A rather uninspiring tree and one which had been forgotten on the bench for ages....just the kind of rubbish fantastic tree which is screaming out for me to waste my time and effort on...

and BOOM...a change of angle and some subtle lighting, fannying around with the camera and it suddenly looks pretty awesome.  Oh yes.

As luck would have it, I just got this Ron Lang pot earlier in the month...It looks a little large because I can't do photoshop, but believe me it looks pretty awesome.  As a combination it looks...pretty....you guessed it...awesome.

I have great hopes for this little bad boy of a natural looking tree.  One day who knows where this tree may end up? Probably back on the bargain shelves up at Willowbog as I go bankrupt from buying too many unsaleable trees...not that I am trying too hard to sell them...all my little pretties.

Am off to Spain this weekend for a busman's holiday...going to an exhibition in Peniscola with our lass. Thought I would treat her to a trip to see the European branch of the Sakka Kyokai's big show.  I am a member of the Japanese group, but not the European...maybe I should join in the party, but if they see trees like that on my benches, they will black ball me...I guess I should modernise my tastes?

Onwards and upwards...

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  1. the underlying and insidious thread to this post is that you in some way help us out by taking away our rubbish ! I strongly resemble this idea because the reality is that I let you have some of our very best material at knock down prices which gives you the chance to make an absolute fortune at our expense !! and by the way it is hard to put even relatively complimentary picture of you anywhere let alone on my blog ! and also by the way, thanks for an excellent weekend , everyone really enjoyed it , I would let you see their comments but worry about your ego [ you might find it ] great taste in music by the way , before your time though were it not ?