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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Something not quite right...

Since returning home on a flight where I fell into a narcoleptic coma, woke up and had some incredible ideas, I have been working on this tree...but there is something not quite right about it and I can't put my finger on what is wrong. I was going for a classical look but with a modern, dynamic Chinese influenced feel, very much a result of my recent trip to Japan...still, I think I need to work on it a little more. My aesthetic is a little mixed up I think. Took me ages to wire as well...

Happy Holidays. Good will and peace to all...



  1. the upper branches need thinning........and too much wire used - copper doesnt grow on trees you know.................

    haha, have a good one, hope you both have a relaxing few days. Best wishes Mandy & Marcus

  2. You need a fairy, to disguise the lack of taper at the top, now who in bonsai could we use? .
    Have a good hols

  3. need a fairy Andy ???? surely one fairy in that household is plenty !! and Marcus, not enough copper wire used , copper wire currently available from ...............

  4. Its screaming for a modern pot to compliment the tree ;-)

    Happy Christmas to all

    Andy (Stonemonkey)

  5. Correct positioning on the display table is required! Have a great Christmas :-)

  6. Trev,
    For Cliff's sake......The wire is crossing over the nebari at the front, please castigate yourself.....as I'm too trollied to do so.

    I hope you and Lady Saruyama have a cracking Christmas and New Year.

    Roll on Noelanders....how much cash did I need to get out to bribe the judges ? Euro's or Dollars...... ha ha ha bump......fell off my chair laughing

    Ibuprofen rocks

    Trev x