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Thursday, 29 August 2013

One of the projects...

The last couple of days have been spent up to my eyes in Lemsip and tissues after a particularly annoying throat infection. That will teach me to work hard...

It has however given me the opportunity to finish off a little bit of work on an upcoming project which is now going to be unveiled. I had mentioned that I had a few things on the go and here is one of them. Full details can be found at the website... www.naturalflux.co.uk  but basically I am doing a kind of solo, kind of collaborative exhibition to be held in a contemporary art gallery just off of Brick Lane in East London. It will be a combination of trees, ceramics, blacksmithery, sculpture and photography. Should be quite interesting.

 I won't go on about it too much here, but please take a look at the website and please  follow on facebook


(as I don't really do or get facebook at all, please can you do what ever it is facebook does)  I will be putting some more information up as things get a little closer to the date, but as things stand, everything is still in the works.  Hopefully it will all come together, some of the pieces made are already incredible and my trees are well...still alive, so that is a bonus.

The exhibition will be on the 6th to 11th November, possibly the first of many, depends on how it all goes.

This was all my idea, I approached the gallery and all the other artists who have been super enthusiastic about it, but it is basically my folly, an experiment to see where we can take bonsai and who will like it.  It will help to answer a few questions I have about bonsai and modern life anyway.

Sink or swim...

Now I need to finish my accounts...

ps. if anyone finds anything funny or weird looking on the website, let me know. I haven't totally tested it out on different browers and stuff. It works on my computer and ipad.


  1. woo hoo my friend ;-) sounds great and fair play to you - i have liked it, shared it and all other facebook ways of sending your message to all un-suspecting souls across the planet. Nov 6th....is there a decent firework display close by on the 5th ??? or even a baked potato and a sparkler in your back garden ! ? speak soon

  2. Thanks. I'm not too sure about the fireworks, I am sure there will be. No potatoes in my back yard though...will be fighting the foxes off!

  3. Really looking forward to it Peter, date booked, van booked, promotion on hand

  4. Sounds like a good day out in the "Smoke", might see if I can loose the kids and bring Mrs Wife, if not it will have to be Les!!