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Tuesday 5 November 2013

It has been a long time coming...

but now the natural flux show is finally set up and ready to rock and roll.  the last month has seen me as busy as usual, hence the silence.  Setting up the show was a marathon task, getting pots, tables, mossing trees by torchlight all in a desperate rush to get finished before going off to LA for the GSBF, which was a blast.

Returning yesterday the last finishing touches were made and all that was necessary was to put it all in to the gallery.  Despite his constant snide comments, Mr. Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai has been a massive massive help to me, not only in this venture, but many others.  Without him, today would not have gone smoothly at all, so I am indebted to him for braving the London traffic and putting up with my harebrained ideas and lack of planning.  Despite us having known each other for many years, he still doesn't get the fact that I prefer to have fluid plans and ideas.  Also known as winging it.  That said, thank you Peter.

A few pictures from throughout the day...
The empty gallery, waiting to be filled

Snarty, doing what he does best. Drinking tea and making fun of me

Men at work...You better run, you better take cover

"What on earth does he expect me to do?"

That needs turning around son.

Thor and his incredible machine...

A handheld Dyson always, and I mean always, comes in useful with bonsai.

Shin-kun setting up his awesome photographs.  Someone who has a plan...

What was I thinking?

All in all it has turned out as I had hoped, in fact better than I had hoped.  Tomorrow morning we need to do a few things to finish off.  Unfortunately Kevin Bielicki was delayed coming in, so his pieces will be put up tomorrow. Check in to either here, www.naturalflux.co.uk or https://www.facebook.com/naturalfluxbonsai

Now...to bed.


  1. Looking good Peter, can't wait until tomorrow (even if it does mean coming up with Les!)
    See ya soon mate,
    Regards, Simon

  2. Kin ell Trev, just seen the pictures on Facebook.....orgasmatronic
    See you tomorrow with the Ashfield massive

  3. It was a real privilege to play just a very small part in your venture PW , Jean and I hope that it will be a great success for you !!!