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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Feeling hot hot hot...

Am now sat in the airport after having worked a long but enjoyable convention down in Orlando. New friends made and a chance to meet up with old friends. It was a superb convention in the sense that there was a refreshing lack of pretention and a humility combined with a willingness to learn. People came with a sunny disposition and desire for improvement. Perhaps the weather has something to do with it. Everybody had glasses that were almost full to the brim. The location for the convention was also being used by a monster convention, Mayhem (geddit?) so the corridors were filled with the most incredible costumes and trangely dressed people wh had come together to enjoy horror films and dressing up. It was an interesting mix and it made me think, who is the more crazy? Needless to say there were more werewolves and clowns there there were people attending the bonsai show. Demonstrating on three species that were completely alien to me was interesting and people were forgiving of my total lack of knowledge. I was more there to assist with the display side of things and Ryan and myself transformed their display simply by moving the trees around a little. Setting up a display is hard work and the BSF did a good job. Im sure there will be some pics online somewhere or eventually I will get some but needless to say I didnt take any. Working alongside Ryan was an equally educational experience...I am not ashamed to say that I learnt a lot from him including a completely different perspective on Black Pine candle cutting and also some interesting concepts in bonsai design. Listening to other artists talk is a thoroughly rewarding experience as it can crystalise some abstract concepts that you kind of know about, you practice but cannot put a finger on it. When it is explained in somebody elses's words, a light bulb moment occurs. I had a couple of those this weekend. It wasn't just Ryan i watched but also an up and coming guy Michael Feduccia who is a student at Bonsai Mirai. After leaving the UK feeling depressed and fearing the worst, seeing the youth development programs, the enthusiasm and the attitude shown at this convention, my cup although it doth not runneth over, it has been refilled a little. Flights boarding gotta run

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