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Thursday, 14 June 2012


After leaving Rochester At 7pm on Sunday night, we made it back safely and in one piece to Ryan's. The pce was equally as punishing as the trip out...we stopped the one night in Cheyenne At what can nly be described as the greatest hotel/haven we have ever encountered, Little America. God bless you Little America.

We are all exhausted and in a state of mental and physical exhaustion, not helped by the constant diet of caffeine, Cliff bars and buffalo wings. I have had a few emails badgering me to blog more but it has been kind of difficult...so rest assured that we did it, not a single tree damaged, pot or stand broken and all the trees look happy and well watered after their little trip east.

The show was a success in many ways and more on that later...I just want to share with you the sight that greeted us as we drove into Oregon this morning at 6 am...I had just switched over after driving the night shift and the sun rose over the hills and Jeff Buckley came on the ipod at random...it was a sublime moment of exhaustion combined with elation at a job nearly done and awe at the natural beauty.


I will describe some of the highlights later when we have sifted the truth from imagination and also censored some of it.

There is a sense of relief in the camp...now we have to hang up our trucking gloves and deal with real life again...

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