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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Road trip...

The road trip continues apace...sunday saw us pack the truck. When i say truck I mean truck, this is no small van...a 26,000 lb beast of a machine. Refrigerated unit and all...sweet.


Packing was intense, plans destroyed and remade, but eventually through a combination of Anglo-American ingenuity and Japanese training we managed to ge a phenomenal amount of trees in there and nothing damaged so far.

Starting off from Internatinal Bonsai Mirai is St. Helens OR, we (Ryan, Zac Shimon and myself) began the drive in high spirits. Driving the truck n the small roads was sketchy but once nto the highway smooth driving ntil we hit the mountains. To be fair to him, Ryan did the majority of the driving on a legendary 9pm until 2pm the next day stretch. He just kept on trucking. the job of the passengers is to for one of us to rest and the other to talk rubbish, operate the ipod and keep the driver from sleeping. It has worked so far.

It has been interesting seeing the different landscapes across the US from the cab of a truck...here is a video i took....


It sure is pretty.

When ryan was spent I took over driving duties...now there is some debatable legality in sme states about me driving so Imperial entanglements are to be avoided at all costs...and bearng in mind we have a to speed of 65 mph, i doubt i will get a speeding ticket...still, it was an interesting drive, the weight of the truck means that the slightest gust of wind catches the massive kite like panels and pushes us all over the road. Unfortunately for me I had the drive across the wilderness of Wyoming...vast stretches of land which were flat and windy. Still ot wasnt to bad and we arrived in Cheyenne exactly on schedule. 1,130 miles in 23 hours.

We now have the full compliment of trees, after having picked some up last night. Rested in a hotel, we are ready for day 2, Cheyenne to Chicago, slghtly less today, about 16 hours probably. Aiming to arrive in Rochester wednesday night...

spirits and energy levels were drained last night but we are all still friends...And most importantly, the trees are all in one piece, watered and not too hot.

See you on the other side



  1. well if I was looking for someone to sit beside me talking rubbish ............ but you driving that ? how long did the clutch last ??? looks good fun , rather envious to tell the truth !

  2. Wow good pick...nobody's sleeping through Irene Cara!
    Drive safely, go easy on the flash-dancing, maybe time to get back over to FirstWave...

  3. wow ! Ryan and Peter flash dancing , now theres an image that I didn't need !!!! :-)