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Saturday, 6 July 2013


It seems that I have bitten off a little more than I can chew recently. A few too many projects and ideas which I am getting a little bogged down with and forgetting that I am supposed to be making trees for a living, not just buying them.

There has been a relatively good response from the proposed idea for advanced workshops, so expect an announcement sometime soon, seems split down the middle however between techniques or species specific. As things stand, the earliest things will begin will be early next year, possibly december.

Another new idea is an e-magazine...doubt that will fly though seeing as most people see the internet and online stuff as mainly free.

I had a delivery of new arrivals at Saruyama Towers, some more Spainsh trees, they seem to be hot right now. Some Taxus, more sabina and a few shohin olives.

A potential mini-Asobi? Nothing like real one, but I'm digging that cascading branch.

Paging Mr. Armitage, Paging Mr. Armitage...little shohin olive, lovely trunk.

Oh yeah. Any takers? What was I thinking?

There are a lot more besides. One of these days I will get a webshop up and running, one of my plans for the summer which is fast falling by the wayside...

Last weekend saw miserable weather in the bleak Northumbrian wilds brightened by some sartorial elegance of the highest order. A certain proprietor's assistant modelling a wonderful hoodie which was necessary even at the end of June

For more details of the workshop, click here

And on that bombshell, I am up early to build something I never thought necessary in the UK...shade cloth for the garden...oh and some extra benches for the new trees.....



  1. Either you need a smaller model or a bigger hoodie :0))

  2. Loving the new logo Trev, awesome !