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Monday, 29 July 2013

Day two in the

Big american tour. After a long day yesterday at a number of shohin nurseries in Kanagawa and Urushibata's, I fell asleep on top of my bed, fully clothed and contact lenses still in. Great stuff.

Some pictures for your enjoyment


A powerful semi cascade black pine

A rather artistic shot of a healed over scar on a fat black pine

One of my fetish trees, a komachi rose

A very reasonably priced juniper...

This made me feel a little queasy, but I want one.

A barberry, scar free, as thick as a childs arm at the base and damn...I have never seen one like it.

A chojubai that looks like a tree

And so on to Mr. Urushibata who everyone knows in Europe know. I know him too. Have done for a while. The new garden is looking great.

The boys on the prowl.

A humongous miyajima white pine. Never seen anything like it. I asked if the branches would return if the rebar was removed, which prompted a heated discussion between father and son as to how much it had been bent...after the winter, apparently they will stay in place.

Taiga telling me that I am a Japanese Monkey...

A great yamadori large shohin juniper. Mamma Mia! Love the tree..


After Urushibata's we drove on to Okazaki a couple of hours down the road, ready for a trip to Daijyuen and other nurseries. More to come, rest first.


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