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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A cold snowy day...

Last night saw the threat of snow, so Akiyama, being a worrier, and I took all the trees off the bench and put them in safe places, either under the bench, inside or on the floor. Tokyo snow is fairly lethal to bonsai, being heavier then normal snow (scientific fact), arriving to a disaster scene in the morning was on the cards. Branches bent, snapped, frozen pots and trees tipped over were always a possibility. As fortune favours the brave, it didnt start snowing until the minute we arrived the next morning, and it didn't stop all day. Freezing temperatures, wet feet and a lack of customers make for a boring and potentially cold inducing day. Thankfully the arrival of some personal clients and a number of friends meant I was kept busy all day doing the rounds. The rounds included a trip to the museum and a look at the show in its entirety.

My initial hopes for a good show were slightly dashed. During the set up we thought that the dark lighting was just an eco thing, there was no need for bright lighting. It turns out that the lighting was up to full and there have been complaints from many of the overseas visitors. Putting on an exhibition of any type is difficult and there will always be teething problems at first, but the lighting was disappointing. Also disappointing was the numbers of visitors...it was quite empty, maybe it was the weather but I wasn't complaining. Noelanders at its peak can be a difficult place to see trees, so scenes like this make for easy viewing.

Far from the madding crowd indeed.

When I was young, I never needed anyone...and making bonsai was just for fun...

Compare that to Noelanders....

I complain about the kokufu, but it still kicks ass. I just have high expectations.

At the club there was little action other than trying to keep warm. Tired, poor professionals huddled round kerosene stoves like refugees from an ancient land, yearning to breathe free. Kokufu can be very long periods of tedium, interspersed with moments of terror. That could be anything from a phone call from the Chief, a big client arriving or lunch.

It is nice to see the comments and extra following...and as request a picture of the new me.

I think I may have taken too much cold medicine.

Onwards and...you know the rest.



  1. Hey! No hat!! Show off your baldness :-)

  2. Now I know why your wearing a Hat as the saying goes (want to get ahead Get a Hat )

  3. Liking the Eric Carmen lyric sneaked in there for pic 2, surely you could have sneaked in some very early Human League for pic 3
    Before your time ???

  4. thanks for share..