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Monday, 4 February 2013

The club fills up...

Its now only half a day until kick off and almost all the dealers are in the club. I have been dong the rounds and making sure nothing escapes my eagle if a little wonky eye. There are a number of different styles, species and price ranges here and I can always find something which is worth having a closer look at.

This year we are hoping for improved sales and customer numbers, the last two years have been depressingly quiet because of the temporary location of the show, but ow its back in the museum, hopefully the 5 minute shuttle bus between sales area and show will be packed every trip. For all those who complain at shows in the west where the sales area is not close to the show, try this on for size.

Anyway, here are more trees, because lets face it, thats what people want. Bonsai porn.

Red pine, surprisingly expensive.

"Elbow in the face, bruises as big as dinner plates...". As funky as George Clinton.


Akiyama's one for the future. Shake it up baby

An elegant juniper. "Thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife"

Toufukuji of the highest order.

What an awesome camellia...

Our first clients of the day?

And just in case any one thought that bonsai artists were serious people...

Yes. The chief in his setsubun bean throwing glory.



  1. I am sitting in a dark corner, Gollum-like: "shake it up baby" is calling me. You can't hear him, its ME he's speaking to, ME!! ! !

  2. Is that Bjorn in the second-to-last picture?