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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Into the home stretch...

We are now well passed the half way mark, into the home stretch but not yet home free. The weather has turned the corner, although the wind is whipping my now bald heed...perhaps doing an Eejit was not the best idea. If I get some time, I must buy a hat.

Sales at the club are slow and customers few. Despite the move to the museum, and an incredible number of visitors on the days after I went in the snow, they don't seem to be coming to the sales area. Tenteason for this is the lack of advertising at the show...partially because of the non commercial nature of the museum, partially because whereas in previous years there have been three shuttle buses, this year there are only two, leading to a 40 minute wait to get on the bus. Many people gave up and so didn't come to the club. The sales areas at European and American shows are so much better in comparison, actually inside the shows...the sales area at the Artisans Cup in Portland sounds as though it will be truly awesome, so Im looking forward to blowing some cash there...

Speaking of blowing cash, I spent some yesterday...walking around the sales area I found a seriously good pot at a very reasonable price. Can't believe it took me so long to find it...my wonky eye is getting wonkier. It is an Shukuho, an early piece, lovely thick glaze, elegant shape, not too deep. Very very useable pot. Lovely stuff.

Glaze me up..

Now I need a tree to put in it.

They weren't the only pots that had me surprised...these unglazed clay body pots were on sale...and according to the sign, it s the first time ever in Japan...possibly

A few new trees arrived today, a wonderful juniper, which soon sold,

This is probably the second best juniper here...after this bad boy...

This used to be at the chiefs until it went a bit funny...then it went back to the original owner. Wouldn't say no to it....And an Ezo Spruce which I want. Bad.

Although I wouldn't function well with one arm, one leg and a single kidney.

The Chief has been doing well at home as well, although we only meet briefly in the evening and the morning. A quick look around for a table for a client and I found this awesome Meiji Period table.
The detail on the top is incredible. Never seen it before.

Doug Mudd may be getting a call sometime soon...

As much as I enjoy coming back for the trees and the show, it is also a time to meet up with people. I get on very well with most dealers, thanks in part to my education from the Chief. He was always insistent on making yourself known and giving proper aisatsu or greetings. Some apprentices stay meek and some ignore other people thinking that they are enemies or that they are above saying hello, but I would be reprimanded if I didn't say good morning, please and thank you. This goes a long way in any culture, but especially Japan.

One of my favourite professionals is Mizukoshi-san who is mainly a Satsuki man but deals with a little bit of everything. Sadly he is getting chronic arthritis and may have to give up. I hope not because he is always a laugh and a joke.

Good times Trev.

Akiyama continues to hustle, selling a tree out of the back of the van this morning like it was a car boot sale. It wasn't intended that way but the customer he was arranging to meet came before the club opened. He has already equalled last years total with a two days to go. Even with a lot of sales, there is still a lot of expenses, the sales area rental alone is some £2000 for the week.

If only we could shift this one tree...we would be sailing smoothly

A collected hokkaido taxus...if I had it in Europe it would be easy to sell.

This is the juniper he is thinking of buying to work on for ten years...sell the taxus and buy the next piece of material.

Or maybe this chuhin chojubai, with juniper as the accent tree...couple of years and kokufu will be on the cards. (The big one...not the crappy little one...thats mine)

Last couple of days and the schedule should ease up...thats the plan anyway

As always, tired and running on fumes, but aiming for more.



  1. You can't beat a bit of parquet flooring Trev, lovely but not sure as a table top....all the bread crumbs and gravy will sit in the grooves....it would drive Geordie girl crazy trying to clean it !
    (light bulb appears above head)
    Loving the pine to the rear left of Mizukoshi-san, and the chojubai, juniper combination. I would never have guessed the freaky twisted chojubai was yours......

  2. Where to start! Love the pot you bought. The new Juniper that sold is stunning. The other one below it, when you say went a bit funny, Is that the foliage?, looks different at the top compared to the bottom!!

    Gold Star for blogging mucker, as for the cold heed, you get used to it and curtains don't really keep you warm, the heat goes out the top ;-)I see a Saruyama bobble hat in the near future :-D