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Saturday, 2 February 2013

A few trees which caught my eye...

Not all the trees were in yet but it looks like being a vast improvement from last years poor showing...a good variety of trees as always. A few caught my eye...

Prunus Mume in a Maruhei pot. Saw it in the car park and knew immediately whose tree it was. Not many people do stuff like this. For those that know me well...you can imagine my happiness only too easily.

Chuhin cascade rose. My fetish for them is sated a little. Love the species, not overly fond of this tree, but as the Arctic Monkeys once said...I would still take you home

This bad boy juniper seems vaguely familiar...looking as good as ever.

John Brocklehurst...the challenge is set. Beat this for a root stand. Shame about the tree

So this is what an ezo spruce is supposed to look like. Kind of. Only two in the show it seems.

Unglazed antique chinese pot on a deciduous tree...break those tedious conventions or just...

Break pots. Again, shame about the tree.

Akiyama taking pictures. For most professionals, this is the only time they get to see the show...

Aaah...back in the museum again. For the eagle eyed, Omachi and Matt Reel are working hard....which is what happens when you have trucks full of trees.

And from the green club sales...my favourite tree so far. A twin trunk white pine where the second trunk wraps around the front of the first. Boom!

Setting up the sales area tomorrow, lots of extra days means we are taking it slowly....And Im getting the hang of this facetube bloggery business aren't I. Wont last long like.



  1. Trev,
    You need to calm down with the t'interweb blogging malarky you'll ruin your street.
    I struggle with the Prunus mume, love the rose...root stand and white pine...talk to me in another 5 years.
    Twin trunk white pine is funkadelic, take it easy bud, see you in March

  2. Trev, don't listen to Trev :-), keep the blog posts coming. In fact I may just steal your photos lol.
    I also struggle with the mume but love that twin JWP.

  3. juniper is the BSA logo tree ???

  4. Pete, love the Maruhei pot, but not the tree so much (sorry!)
    The rose I know that Ritta would be happy to take home too!
    The "BSA juniper" is still looking good ...must be getting near kifu size now? I thought the Himeshara in the unglazed pot is an inspired combo ...especially in it's winter image. Funky pot for the little pine too :-)
    I always get "itchy feet" to travel when I see photos like this Pete...wish we could be there :-(
    Take care now. M& R