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Sunday, 3 February 2013

You can find me in da club...

Bottle full of...err green tea?

Today sees a ridiculously slow day of setting up. Normally its just one day but this year its three...so at least im out of the garden for a while. Its good to see all the stuff coming in and getting first pick. Already made a few purchases, although nothing major. There are some interesting trees...and some down right weird stuff

Love the pot on this. Looks like its made of copper

A pine eruption

This very useable chhin juniper came and went in less than half an hour.

Ever seen a hinoki like this? Me either...

Ever seen anything like this? Only in medical text books....

First purchase of the morning...a lovey little zelkova. If only I can get the time, I could tirn it into the big brother of the Coopers's award winning tree...in 7 years.

And for those who think its the life of riley...here is a shot of my Tokyo office.

Thanks for the comments. Steal photos Mr. eejit and time permitting, I may keep it up.



  1. Love the sleeping accommodation Trev, at least you only have to stand up to use the toilet ; 0 )

  2. you might have made your bed before taking the photo ! no, he is so talented John that he could direct ' it ' from the prone position !

  3. I would not mind sleeping in the pot (porn heaven) room

  4. Sleeping in it? Andy, there'd be no sleeping going in in there for me 'tal...wink wink nudge nudge...
    As there appears to be pots in there I'd be shagging! The wrong kind of pot porn for sure!