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Friday, 1 February 2013

Live kokufu blogging...

Children of the night...I can do this face tube business...

After the hectic last few weeks with the best show in Europe and Ryan's visit to the UK, I hopped on a plane and came for the best show in Japan and arguably the world...its that time of year again. Kokufu.

With only a few trees coming from us, it is just Akiyama-san and myself in a hotdog van taking three trees to set up in the show which has moved back to the Metropolitan Museum in Ueno. Although the show doesn't start until the 5th, the trees are going in today.

Here they are...safe in the back

We will be setting up the sales area today and tomorrow and generally milling around. There may be some updates, there maybe not.

Waiting in the hot dog van...


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  1. I see Akiyama san is practising the two fingers Phil salute whilst chilling in the hot dog van