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Friday 10 June 2011

Forgot to post this here..

This was originally posted on my website on Wednesday 8 Jun 2011

Day tripper

Long days and busy nights have meant I haven't posted anything recently. Been busy while the Chief is in Germany. Lots of work been done, satsuki shows are finished, plowing through the deflowering and also wired a couple more trees. In a throwback to my apprentice days I worked until midnight tonight, but unlike those days, I actually got loads of work done. It isn't until you actually graduate and your income depends on working quickly and efficiently that you learn how to not waste time. What would have taken me two days to do when I was apprenticing will now take me 3 or 4 hours and the quality is better.

Anyways, tomorrow is the big auction. The stuff I have to sell is in the van and I will be off at 5.30 tomorrow morning to have a good shufti around and see what is going on. The pressure to not waste money or the opportunity for getting something saleable is fairly high. Still, it's nice that I have been entrusted with it.

I guess.

I was looking around at photos for the e-book thing and I came across this lovely snap. Taken by the Chief's wife when we were at Niagara Falls last year. The Chief was demonstrating at the 2nd National Bonsai show in Rochester and Bill took us up to Niagara Falls. When the Chief was peering over the edge, I couldn't resist trying to push him over. Well, pretending to anyway. Don't think he has ever seen the picture...

Today has been a long day, a 2 hour drive from 5 am to see Akiyama, mt senpai who has married the Chiefs middle daughter and has given us two lovely baby girls. It was nice to just sit and chat with someone intelligent about the Bonsai world and trees, tools and fishing.

Sleep....until tomorrow

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