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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Me and the moon...

It's a lovely night with the moon in the sky...

After another overtime session in the work room where I was the last man standing after the young lads left to go to bed...go figure, I went to buy an ice cream and on my way home I was struck by the beauty of the moon tonight.

There is something extraordinarily special about a partially obscured moon, drifting in and out of view, occassionaly illuminating the world below. I stood and watched the clouds drift slowly by, and forgot that I was in one of the worlds most populated cities. In the distance I could hear the lonely cry of a lost and solitary frog who has found his way by mistake into the garden. and was crying out desperate for a mate I felt there was at least one kindred spirit in the world and it was perfect.

The subtle nature of Japanese aesthetics appeal to me, always have I guess, hence my path in life. Sometimes it is better to not show everything off and keep a little hidden. We all know it is there, but sometimes imagination is much better than the real thing. Anyway, I'm knackered. Here is the best picture I could take before my battery died.

Summer's just begining baby...

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