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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A girl doing bonsai

Makes 6 pages of news in both kinbon and bonsai sekkai, the only two major bonsai magazines in Japan. Her name is Tomomi Mori and she is an ex-idol, model etc.. For some reason she likes bonsai, i guess it is all the handsome guys she meets, and as a result she is appearing in both kinbon and sekkai.


Bonsai sekkai...

And if you are interested...here is another from her modelling days.

She has a blog here http://ameblo.jp/chebrashukaa/ for all of you interested in keeping up with her adventures. Bonsai of course.

It reminded me of the heyday of bonsai sekkai when Adachi Yumi was featured regularly, she was a mini bonsai fan, as in she is only wee. 153 cm in her stockings. She also liked shohin. (I think thats why Chairman John shifted from big to small trees personally) I tried to find an image of her doing bonsai but all i could find was this...she is thinking about little trees here clearly.

Adachi Yumi. Pronounced "You Me", not yummy in case you were salivating Mr. Snart.

Its amazing what flying almost entirely around the world in a week does to your sanity levels.

Kokufu set up tomorrow. You should see this blog back on track by then.



  1. Feel free to keep the blog 'off track' lol

    1. If i may, off track was the previous post. Theo.

  2. I agree its quite ok to be off piste.