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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Kokufu live 2014

For all three of you waiting for updates from kokufu...we are at T minus 5 minutes...

All the usual suspects are here for set up...

We have five trees to set up when they arrive in Akiyama-san Seniors car. The tension is...non existent. Judging is this afternoon. Who will get the spoils from the first half of this double show?



  1. Peter please can you explain how the double show works this year.

    1. For the first time other than at every 10th show, it is a split into two with four days each time and new trees in the second half. With a total of 340 trees over the two parts

  2. I get that bit but how do they judge each class if its split is it pre judged.

  3. Each show is judged separately. The awards are not for classes, but for a tree of the highest quality, it usually happens that a deciduous, conifer and chuhin win, but it is not set in stone. Sometimes there may not be a tree that deserves it, other times there maybe more than one so you might find two or three deciduous with an award and no conifer. Unlikely, but possible

  4. Hi Peter,
    Just started reading your blog and finding it really entertaining. Great photos !