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Monday, 3 February 2014

A day of hanging around...

After the excitement and high of yesterday comes the grim reality that we will be standing around for the next 10 days hoping to sell some stuff and that it doesn't rain or snow. Setting up the sales area takes about four hours, then we walk around, looking at everyone elses stands trying to find stuff that might sell. Looking for things that appeal to Chinese buyers basically. It is fun to be surrounded by so many trees and possibilities, but even we get bored.


When will it end?

All set up by 10am. Still it gave me time to shop around for pots and bits and bobs for clients. If anyone has any requests, then please let me know. No guarantees though...

I still didnt post all the trees from the show, so here is a run down of more...

As I mentioned in the last post, the show expansion has allowed more interesting trees in...

And some very elegant displays...love the stands and the corner on use of the square tables here. Well done to Mr. Hamano (Mi-Chan) for these.

There are three foreign entries in this years show, here is the display from Bruno Beltrane

With a kicho bonsai as the main...

And Chinese Quince as the accent. Love the rabbit riding the pony on the pot.

I was immediately taken by this tree, but after a few moments, realised it was more the pot than anything. The tree, although very good, is not very juniperesque.

Akiyama liked this saying it reminded him of an army of ghosts.

And thats about all I took at the show, except some interesting lighting effects. More of which later..

Akmost finished the car ride home so I will post this...do you know how difficult it is to blog and drive at the same time?


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