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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Name in print...

A courier just brought me a pre-printing copy of the forthcoming book. A few final changes are possible but this is pretty much it.

I fought to get the cheesy scissors motif removed but apparently my diva like hissy fit didnt carry any weight..."But I am the author I tell you...the author! Does that mean nothing?"

There is still some Americanising to be done, which means messing up the spelling...seriously, you need more vowels and obscure spelling people. I asked if the American version will also have laminated, cheeseburger proof pages but the budget wouldn't stretch that far.*

I will be reading it on the Eurostar over to Paris this afternoon. Hope there aren't too many hideous errors.

* My American friends and readers should realise that this is probably a joke **

There are some good trees in there. None of them mine obviously. Many thanks to the Mirai master.

Onwards and upwards people....



** Seriously, if there is any confusion or misunderstanding of irony/my sense of humour/humor. It was a joke. I did not ask for cheeseburger proof pages...if anything, they would need to withstand a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich wit extra cheese from Tony Lukes at 39 Oregon St. Philadelphia. Those were the days...



  1. Well done! When will it be out for sale? Theo.

    1. Nobody likes a trouble maker theo, stop asking difficult questions :)

      June/july i think. It is out of my hands now

  2. Really can't help it...

  3. Looking forward Peter.

    Enjoy the city of lights!

  4. Oh pooh on the effing Americanising. That's just silly.

  5. So...About the Philly Cheese Steak...did you actually eat that thing? We have FAR BETTER cuisine that that in Philly and out & about in the burbs!

  6. Look forward to seeing finished result boss man