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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sales area fun...

It has been a busy week so far hence the lack of blog posts...but today we reach a new low.


Snow is falling, all around me. Its not merry and its not christmas and there is no one.

Some brave souls make it out, hunting for a bargain, but there are very few sellers here to deal with...

My best friend is the kerosene stove but it doesnt help

My feet are wet through...

This was not in the brochure...

It gets worse throughout the day...

Still its fun...i have been chatting with all sorts of people.



  1. Keep your chin up Peter.
    Here it still raining stair rods and windy as hell, and that's outside! No let up this weekend with a Megastorm forecast. Hope the sales and weather improve for you.

  2. Wow Peter that's bad snow for Tokyo !! Bad for customers too.
    I see it didn't deter one very hardy bonsai professional from Shizuoka from looking for bargains though ;-)
    Keep warm!
    M & R

  3. see what you mean about the heater - there is snow on it still !! you need to buy some sensible footware though rather than all those little pots and trees :-)